Hawaiian Ukulele, Hawaiian Ukuleles, Ukeleles

Ukuleles are commonly associated with music from Hawaii, where the name ukulele translates as "jumping flea". The Hawaiian Ukulele was developed in the 1880s. No Hawaii trip is complete without hearing one of the locals play a Ukulele. This ancient instrument has the true sound of Hawaii in it. Play one today and be reminded of the magical islands of Hawaii.

Below you will find the widest selections of authentic Hawaiian ukuleles around. We offer and assortment of children's ukulele, hapa wood ukulele, floral print ukulele, hand painted ukulele, wood stained ukulele, vintage ukulele, ukulele case and smart ukulele.  Whether for play or for decoration, we know you will love your authentic Hawaiian Ukelele.

***Ukuleles are for fun and for decoration, they are not musical instruments.***